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Reference Management Software

This Libguide helps you get started with using reference management software.


Hanken's license for the reference management software RefWorks ends on Dec. 31. 2021 and will not be renewed. We recommend new users to choose another software instead (such as Mendeley or Zotero). 

RefWorks users in need of help with exporting references from RefWorks to Mendeley should contact well in advance before Dec. 31. 2021.


Export References from RefWorks to Mendeley

Hanken students and staff have access to RefWorks until Dec. 31. 2021. In case you have an account in RefWorks with references you need to access after this date, export your references to Mendeley

1. Log in to your RefWorks account

2. Choose the references you want to export. You can export one folder at a time, or all references at once. Clean out and delete references you no longer need. Do not export more than 500 references at a time.

3. Click Share and choose Export references

4. Under From, choose the alternative that is most suitable for you. Under Format, choose BibTex. 

5. Open Mendeley Reference Manager. Choose Add new - Import Library - BibTeX (*.bib). Choose the file you just saved. 

6. Move the references to a preferred folder in your Mendeley library. If you export one folder at a time, simply repeat the steps.

RefWorks Tutorials

Have a look at RefWorks Youtube tutorials to learn how to use the tool: