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Accessibility statement for Hanken Libguides

Hanken’s website is covered by the EU’s Web Accessibility Directive. The purpose of the directive is to promote access to and quality of digital services, information security, and accessibility of content, hence improving everyone’s access to digital services on equal terms.

Non-accessible content
The following content on the website contains shortcomings with regards to the accessibility directive.

  • Text equivalent: Some images lack alternative alt text.
  • Information and relationships: Not all HTML5 landmark elements are used on the page
  • Use of colors: Some links are only identified by color.
  • Page language: The language attribute of the HTML document is in English, in all language choices.
  • Name, role, value: Search fields do not have a label element.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This accessibility statement was prepared 19.11.2020. During the preceding process, a comprehensive accessibility review of the website was made by an external expert organization.

Feedback and contact information

We warmly welcome questions and development suggestions regarding the accessibility of Hanken’s website. Feedback and can be sent to:

We respond to feedback within 14 days. We strive to actively correct accessibility errors and shortcomings on the website.

Regulation authority contact information

Regional State Administrative Agencies of Southern Finland
The unit for supervising accessibility

Phone number (switchboard) 0295 016 000