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I can't access the article!

If you are not able to find/open the article that you are looking for:

1.) Search for the journal in Hanna. Can you find it? Is it available electronically or in print? Is it available for the year/number where the article was published in?

2.) Google for the article. Sometimes it is available in full text somewhere else. It is a good idea to google just the title of the article (do not include vol and no).

3.) Contact the library: We might be able to find the article or order it for you.

Journals in Swedish/Finnish

Arvopaperi (print)

Ekonomi (print)

Forum för Ekonomi och Teknik (print)

Kauppalehti (online & print)

Kauppalehti Optio (print)

Markkinointi & Mainonta (online & print)

Myynti & markkinointi (print)

Talouselämä (online & print)

Taloustaito (online & print)

Veckans Affärer (online & print)

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