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Research Data Management

Courses and workshops

Workshops, seminars, and courses:

- An afternoon on data management

The latest presentations and discussions on data protection, data security, and CSC's services for researchers on September 25, 2019.

Programs and presentation files of the seminar are as follows. Recording of the seminar is here.

13-14    Data security and data protection – the basics and latest updates
              Mikael Ahlbrecht (Slides) and Urpo Kaila (Slides)

14.15    Record of data processing activities – what and why?
              Jaakko Aspara, Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen and Urpo Kaila

14.45    Data management - a holistic view
              Tua Hindersson-Söderholm

15         CSC's services for researchers – FAIRdata,  ePouta
              Jessica Parland-von Essen

 15.45   Closing words


- Research data management (RDM) basics

An introductory lecture to the basic concepts and best practices of research data management. We will go through the following topics: what is data, data management plans, ethical and legal compliance, data documentation and metadata, storing solutions, sharing and preserving.  


- Data management plan (DMP) workshop

A hands-on workshop on the practices of what to take into account when writing a Data Management Plan (DMP).  We will go through the general structure of a DMP and give tips on what to write into different sections. DMPTuuli, a tool for writing the plan, is also introduced.  


- 69990-E Open Science Doctoral Course in Moodle

This online course is designed as an introduction to Open Science principles and practices. You will learn the main concepts, objectives, benefits, and challenges of Open Science, as well as practices for publishing open access and open data management. You will discover ways to apply and integrate these key principles of Open Science into your daily research life. After the course, you can become a more visible, effective, and impactful researcher by sharing your research data, publications, and research process openly.

The course is aimed at doctoral students in all fields, particularly suitable for doctoral students at the initial phase of their doctoral studies.


- Managing and sharing your research: Incorporating Open Science principles and practices into your research process

This course aims to trace and ease the journey of your whole research process. You will learn both how to manage your research and how to share your research by applying and integrating Open Science principles and practices into each of your research stage. What services and support from the library that facilitate your research managing and sharing in each of your research stage is also enumerated. The topics that will be addressed include: research process description, measuring research and bibliometrics, publication strategies and Open Access options and solutions, research data management and open data, how to improve the visibility and impact of your research, Open Science principles and practices, and Hanken's research database Haris.

The course is aimed at doctoral students in all fields, particularly suitable for doctoral students at the initial phase of their doctoral studies.