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Open educational resources

How to use open educational resources


Search for open materials that support your learning and teaching.

Assess whether it is possible to use the material. Is the material openly licensed? What types of reuse rights does the license allow?
Copy the material to yourself.
Save the material's publication address, the author's name or signature, and the exact license.
When processing and further developing the material, it is important to observe the terms of the various CC licenses.
Use and refer
When using the material, acknowledge the source, author, and license.

When referring to the material, provide the link to the material's original address. Whenever possible, use the material's permanent identifiers (e.g., DOI, URN or handle) to ensure that the links are permanent.

Link the CC license to the official description of the license.


Source: Tekijänoikeudet ja käyttöoikeudet avoimessa toimintakulttuurissa, osa 1: Avoimen toimintakulttuurin lisenssiasiat periaatteessa ja käytännössä by Tarmo Toikkanen, CC BY-SA 4.0