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The Sustainable development goals (SDGs) and Hanken library

Literature tips

Read and learn more about sustainability and social responsibility. The books listed are available as either e-books or can be borrowed from the library.

Hanken's research on the SDGs

It is strongly recommended for Hanken researchers to tag your registration in Hanken's research database Haris using one or more of the 17 SDGs as keywords, if your publication or activity falls in these fields of research. 

The SDG tagging enables:

  • Smooth and accurate collection of information on the research being conducted at Hanken that contributes to achieving the SDGs.
  • Easy accessibility of information internally and externally, potentially contributing to research collaborations both within Hanken and outside of it.

Readers can search for and filter Hanken's research outputs in Haris public portal by clicking on any of the 17 SDGs. See the screenshot below:

    SDGs in Haris public portal


It is very easy to add SDGs keywords in Haris for your research merits. In Haris’s templates for publications and participation in conferences, there is a button “Add Sustainable Development Goals.” Click the button and a new window will pop up to enable you to choose one or more of the 17 goals.

More information about how to register your publications, activities and projects in the LibGuide on Haris. If you have any question concerning Haris registration and tagging in Haris, contact