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Impact: beyond bibliometrics

Societal impact is the effect, change or contribution that your research makes to society. It can be useful to think about the process as an impact journey involving inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts, and to consider who will benefit from your research and how they will benefit.

Impact can be:

  • Cultural, e.g., changing attitudes or opinions
  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Health & wellbeing-related
  • Policy-related
  • Scientific or academic 
  • Societal, e.g., increasing awareness or understanding
  • Technological
  • Training and capacity building

Collecting evidence of your activities, outcomes, and impacts is important in helping you to represent a comprehensive picture of your research impact. This may include bibliometrics and other quantitative indicators, as well as qualitative information and evidence. 

See Research impact: what it is, why it matters, and how you can increase impact potential by Kudos. 

Improve the visibility and impact of your research

Hanken encourages researchers to actively inform the academic community about their research outputs, make the general public aware of them, and take part in societal discussion, in order to facilitate innovation and cooperation both within the academic community and between research and industry. Hanken’s Marketing and communication services help researchers in issues related to research communication.

Communicating research outputs can improve your visibility and impact as a researcher. It is important to formulate your own communication strategy and employ different ways to increase the visibility and impact of your research. 

Please see various different ways you can employ to Improve the visibility and impact of your research in the LibGuide on Open science.