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Ebooks at Hanken

Welcome to the Hanken Ebook Guide

Hanken students and staff have access to more than 700,000 e-books. In this guide you find information on the library's e-book collections and instructions for how to read and download books on different devices.

Search for ebooks directly in the ebook collections via the tabs. The e-books on Oxford Handbooks Online and ProQuest Ebook Central, as well as e-coursebooks on other platforms, are also available via the library's search portal Hanna.


Use of Electronic Resources and Remote Access

The electronic resources are available in the network of Hanken School of Economics or through remote access. Remote access requires the Hanken user ID and password.

Download Libkey Nomad browser extension at for alternative off-campus access to licensed e-resources.

General rules for copying, printing and downloading

For your own non-commercial research or educational use, you may download, copy and print limited parts of the Hanken library's material. Systematic copying of entire ebooks is not permitted.

These rules are partially based on Finnish law, and partially on our agreements with content providers. Individual providers' systems may vary, and it's important to read their specific rules. Some restrictions aren't enforced by the software, but are still monitored and breaking them can lead to the book being removed from use.

Some providers allow entire books to be downloaded for a limited time. Even then you may not forward them to others.

Perlego and Ebook Central - our biggest ebook providers

Questions about ebooks?