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Ebooks at Hanken


Direct link to VitalSource. Log in with your Hanken user name and password.

Access via Hanna

All ebooks are separately cataloged with links in Hanna.


A small collection of eTextbooks from Pearson (publishing company). New titles and editions are added/updated regularly.

Language: English/Swedish



Unlimited users' license (all books can be read by an unlimited number of readers simultaneously).

Reading and downloading

How to read VitalSource e-books in your browser:

  1. Go to VitalSource Explore.
  2. Select a book, hover over a title and click Open Book to launch Bookshelf’s reading pane in the same browser window and start reading,
  3. …or click Book Details to see publishers’ information about the title before reading.
  4. Click on Back to Explore or navigate back through the My Library and Explore tabs to return to the available subscription content.

If you wish to download an e-book, you have to create an account in VitalSource and download the Bookshelf app.

  1. Open the  Bookshelf app on your device.
  2. You can only download books you have opened in your browser and while you were logged in to your account.
  3. Download the book by clicking the book cover in Bookshelf.

The eBook reader is interactive and allows students to search, make highlights, take and share notes and make bookmarks.
By using Bookshelf´s Read Aloud feature you can also listen to the books. More instructions here.


You are allowed to print a few pages at a time. Follow the instructions.