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Formattingguide for Academic texts

On this webbpage you will find instructions on how to write an academic paper in Microsoft Word.


Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis should have a single page summary of the academic text. In the abstract there should be information on the title, a summation of the text, date and the name of the author. The summary should also include at minimum three keywords (can be more) describing the content of the thesis. It should look like this:


You do not need to make the abstract page yourself. Instead you can download a template which you can use directly in the document or copy and paste into your own thesis. All settings are preconfigured so that you do not need to do anything beyond that. Add a page break after the summary.

Picture of how the page break is under the abstract.

The abstract page is part of the section with the Table of Contents and Table of Figures which uses roman numerals. The abstract follows directly after the cover page but before the Tables. The abstract page should only be on a single page.

Bachelor’s thesis

Write in the relevant information in appropriate fields for your thesis. Mention that it is a Bachelor's Thesis in the Type for Work. The English Bachelor program will be active in fall 2024.

Master’s thesis

The abstract can be used as is. Write in the relevant information in appropriate fields for your thesis.

If you are studying in Swedish but you want to write the thesis in English you need to use both abstracts. Include the Swedish abstract in your thesis found here or by changing the language of this page.

Doctoral dissertation

The doctoral dissertation has its own rules on how it looks and does not use this abstract.