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Formattingguide for Academic texts

On this webbpage you will find instructions on how to write an academic paper in Microsoft Word.

Hanken Style Chart

Title Georgia 19 (Centered)
Author Georgia 16 (Centered)


Hanken School of Economics

Location (Helsinki/Vaasa)


Georgia 12 (Centered), 1,5 line spacing
Heading 1 Georgia 13 Bold
Heading 2 Georgia 11 Bold
Heading 3 Georgia 11 Bold, Italic
Heading 4 Georgia 11 Italic
normal (body text) Georgia 11 Normal text, 1,5 line spacing, paragraph Before 0 pt, After 10 pt
Figures / Charts Georgia 9 Bold
Citation Georgia 9 Indented text
Reference List Content Georgia 11 Hanging 1,2 cm, single line spacing, paragraph Before 6 pt, After 18 pt
Page Number Top of page (Centered)
Margins Top: 2,54cm Bottom: 2,54cm Left: 2,54cm Right: 2,54cm
Header & Footer Header from Top: 1,25cm Footer from Bottom: 1,25cm
Line and paragraph spacing 1,5  
Page Size A4