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Open access (Eng)

Central fund for open access publication fees

Hanken has set up a central fund for open access publication since 2020 with the aims of promoting open access and of establishing an open and transparent APC process at Hanken. As a Hanken researcher, you are entitled to applying for Hanken’s central fund for open access publication fees.

To promote open science and to improve the visibility and impact of your research, it is strongly recommended that you consider open access options right from the beginning of your research, and prioritize:

•    a gold open access journal (see Gold OA)
•    a hybrid open access journal with discounts on article processing charges (APCs), (see Discounts on APCs) or
•    a journal that allows for non-embargoed self-archiving (see Green OA (self-archiving)).

The criteria of APC fund allocation are described below.

Criteria of open access publication fund allocation

The criteria of open access publication fund allocation are:

  1. The applicant/recipient acts as the corresponding author and clarifies his/her Hanken affiliation in the publication.
  2. None of the Hanken affiliated authors has external project funds where open access publishing costs can be included in the project budget.
  3. The publication type is a peer-reviewed journal article (A1 or A2). Peer-reviewed monographs (C1) can also get financial support for the book processing charge (BPC). Publication types are defined in the Publication data collection instructions for researchers 2019 (Julkaisutiedonkeruun ohjeistus tutkijoille 2019) by the Ministry. 
  4. The application for the publication expense is directed at an APC in a gold or hybrid open access publication, not at submission fees or production-related fees such as colour image or figure charges.
  5. The target journal is rated with a Jufo level 1 or above, or SNIP 1.0 or above if the publication channel has not received a JUFO rating.
    Check the Jufo level in the Jufo portal, and the SNIP indicator in the service CWTS Journal Indicators.

Send your application

Send your application and questions concerning open access publishing to

Notify library of publication fees

Also remember the internal routines of monitoring publication fees:

  • Notify the library if you or your co-author have paid an APC. Since 2020, APC information (APC amount, currency, and year of payment) is required in Haris registration for the Ministry’s annual publication data collection.