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Open science

Courses and workshops

- Training in Research data management (RDM) and open science (Course description and Table of contents): 

Are you writing your data management plan (DMP)? Do you collect and process personal data in your research? Are you planning to publish your research data to ensure the reproducibility of your research outputs and improve the visibility and impact of your research? Effective and responsible research data management (RDM) is an essential requirement of good scientific practices and research skills.

Open science has meanwhile been increasingly promoted and required by national and international organizations and research funders. It becomes important and even necessary for you to be part of the open science movement. Hanken has signed the Declaration for Open Science and Research (Finland) 2020-2025 and is committed to following the strategic principles, objectives, and action plans outlined in the four Policies of Open Science and Research in Finland. Hanken’s Guidelines on open science and research was updated in 2021.

You can get hands-on support and training in RDM know-how, as well as in how to share your research and practice open science, from the online 69990 Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science Doctoral Course in Moodle (Period II, 30.10 - 15.12.2023) and have the answers to the questions on: 

  • How to write and update a DMP that describes your key measures for ethical and legal compliance and FAIR data production? 
  • How to handle personal data in research? How to anonymise personal data?
  • How to create and publish the metadata of your research data in line with the FAIR data principles?
  • How to choose a suitable and trusted data repository?   
  • What are the international and national policies and recommendations on open science? Why do more and more research funders and organizations promote and require publishing open access to your publications, research data and methods, and educational resources? 
  • How to publish open access? What are the open access publishing options and opportunities at Hanken? How can you get financial support to cover the open access publishing fees including APCs and BPCs?  
  • How to employ different ways to improve the visibility and impact of your research? How to promote citizen science and have all relevant knowledge actors in science, industry, and society at large involved? What does transparent and responsible research evaluation mean to you?
  • How can you publish your own educational resources? What are recommended open educational practices?

The course is aimed at doctoral students in all fields, and regardless of research fields or when your doctoral studies have begun. You can register for the course in Sisu and earn 1 credit after the completion of the course. Contact  


- Research data management (RDM) policies and process (Slides)

An introductory lecture to the concepts, policies, and best practices of research data management (RDM). Topics such as data management policies, data management process, data management plan, ethical and legal compliance, storing solutions, data transfers, data documentation and metadata, and data publishing, will be addressed. Contact   


- How to handle personal data in research? (Slides)

Personal data should be processed lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent manner to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subjects. The lecture outlines the procedures of how to handle personal data in research step by step that you follow to collect and process personal data in your research to maintain high ethical standards and comply with relevant data protection legislations. Contact


- Data management plan (DMP) workshop

A hands-on workshop on the practices of what to take into account when writing a data management plan (DMP).  We will go through the general structure of a DMP and give tips on what to write into different sections. DMPTuuli, a tool for writing the plan, is also introduced. Contact  


Managing and sharing your research

This course aims to trace and ease the journey of your research process. You will learn both how to manage your research and how to share your research by applying and integrating open science principles and practices into each of your research stage. What services and support that facilitate your research managing and sharing in each of your research stage is also enumerated. The topics that will be addressed include:

  • measuring research and bibliometrics, 
  • publication strategies and open access options and solutions,
  • research data management and open data,
  • how to improve the visibility and impact of your research,
  • open science principles and practices, and 
  • Hanken's research database Haris.

The course is aimed at doctoral students in all fields, particularly suitable for doctoral students at the initial phase of their doctoral studies. Contact