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Haris - Hanken research database: Register projects

Register your projects

Projects with external funding should always be registered in Haris. To what extent you should register other projects depends on the practice of your subject. If you do not want a project to be shown in the public portal, you can mark it as Restricted to Haris in the registration template.

How to register a project in Haris?

  • Begin to register a project by clicking the green button “Add research output, activity, or project” in the right upper corner in Haris’s administration interface or the “+” sign when you hover over the left-hand-side Project link.


  • Choose Externally funded project, Project funded by Hanken / Hanken funds or Other project depending on what kind of project you wish to register.
  • Fill in relevant information in different fields. Note that you can fill in information both in English and in Swedish by changing the language version through the small flag icons in the upper left corner.
  • For externally funded projects, you should register the following information:
  • Title of the project,
  • Description of the project,
  • Project period (start and end dates),
  • Funding organisation (financing source), and
  • Project leader.