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Haris - Hanken research database: Haris and open access

Haris and open access


Hanken promotes open research and recommends that scientific articles be published as green open access. According to one of the goals in the Guidelines for Open Research at Hanken, Hanken endeavours to ensure that 80% of its annually reported scientific articles are published as Green Open Access and that parallel copies of all articles are uploaded to the research database Haris. See more information about Open Access Publishing at Hanken.  

Hanken authors are accordingly encouraged to publish their articles open access, primarily by self-archiving. This is done by uploading/self-archiving/parallel publishing your articles (usually the Author Accepted Manuscript version, AAM. also called the post-print version) in Haris.

Publications reported and self-archived in Haris are then permanently preserved in Hanken's institutional repository, DHanken. They are visible in DHanken in the collection Publications synchronized from Haris and linked to the subject’s collection.

By uploading your articles in Haris, you contribute to open access. Please note the right version of your self-archived article. You can find instruction about How to self-archive at Hanken and about Which version of the article you can self-archive in Hanken’s LibGuides on open access.

In LibGuides on open access, you also find information about, for example, different forms of open access, definitions of different article versions, and discounts on publishing fees (article processing charges, APCs) available to Hanken researchers.