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Haris - Hanken research database

Guide to Haris - Hanken's research database

Register prizes

The purpose of the Prizes content type is to capture prizes and other professional distinctions a researcher at Hanken has been awarded.

Why should I register prizes?

All Hanken, researchers are free to enter prizes and distinctions that they want to highlight in their personal profile on the research portal.

What should I register in prizes?

In Prizes, you can add prizes and other professional distinctions. Prizes can be international, national, regional or local (Hanken-related), e.g., awards such as the teacher of the year, the course of the year, the article of the year, outstanding reviewer award, best paper award, as well as nominations, honor memberships, etc..

You can also create links between your prizes and other related content types in Haris, such as research outputs, activities or projects. By connecting prizes to other content types related to the prize, you can give a context to your prize.

How to register prizes

  • Start to register a prize by clicking the button Add new content in the right upper corner in Haris administration interface or the plus sign “+” when you hover over Prize in the left-hand-side menu.   
Prize information
  • Fill in title, a short description and awarded date, the year being a compulsory field.
  • Degree of recognition indicates if the prize is international, national, regional or local.
  • Add granting organization, and if needed awarded at event.


  • More detailed information about the event can be added in Add event - Create new (see the picture below).

  • Create a link between the prize and other related content types in Haris, e.g., if your prize relates to a research output or a project that you have added in Haris. By connecting prizes to other content types related to the prize, you put the prize in a context.


  • Set the visibility. The default setting is Public - No restriction.
  • Click Save.