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Haris - Hanken research database

Guide to Haris - Hanken's research database

Register press/media

The purpose of the Press/media content type is to capture press and media activities (whether active or passive) resulting from researchers' professional expertise.

What should I register in press/media?

In Press/Media, you can register media contributions, for example, interviews in your field of expertise. Media coverage, i.e., when your research is mentioned in press or media, can also be added to Press/Media. Visibility and mentions on the web or in social media (mainly blogs) can be added as media coverage.

How to register press/media

  • Start to register by clicking the button Add new content in the right upper corner in Haris’s administration interface or the plus sign "+” when you hover over Press/Media in the left-hand menu.




  • Fill in the title of theme/story and add a description of your contribution. You can also add a subject.
Details of Media contribution and Media coverage
  • Under the heading Details of Media contribution and Media coverage, you can add more detailed information (see picture below). Start by choosing Media contribution or Media coverage:
    • Media contribution - you are interviewed, e.g., in radio or a newspaper.

    • Media coverage - your research is mentioned, e.g., in an article in a magazine or in a radio programme.

  • Add more details such as title, description, abstract, persons and affiliations, date, URL, media outlet, media type (print, radio, radio, television, web, other), and degree of recognition (international, national, regional, local).

  • Connect your media contribution or media coverage with other types of related content, i.e., when the interview relates to your project, activity or a research output available in Haris. This is a way of giving your media contribution or coverage a context.
  • Choose visibility. The default setting is Public - no restriction.
  • Click Save.